Class Action Services

Global Resolutions has the expertise to provide appropriate and practical dispute resolution services that relate to the procedural and substantive issues that arise at every stage of provincial and multi-jurisdictional class proceedings, including:


  • mediating an early settlement of any and all issues
  • mediating all aspects of certification orders, including class definitions, common
  • issues and individual issues, notices to class members and litigation plans


  • mediating appeals from certification orders
  • mediating the scope of oral and documentary discovery, including e-discovery
  • mediating discovery motions
  • mediating common issues
  • mediating, where applicable, negotiations between settlement counsel


  • mediating any and all issues during the common issues trial

Post-Trial or Post-Settlement

  • mediating appeals from common issues trial
  • designing a claims administration process following settlement, trial or appeal, including appropriate dispute resolution of individual claims

Global Resolutions’ expertise in class actions has been recognized through its court-approved appointment as adjudicators in a number of class action settlements across Canada.

For a listing of our members in class action resolution, please visit our Class Action Practice page.